Nature Visions: Submittal & Award Guidelines


Nature Visions Photo Expo (NVPE) consists of volunteers from several Maryland and Northern Virginia Camera Clubs. McLean Photo Club is one of the volunteer clubs.

Each member of McLean Photo Club is entitled to submit up to six nature images across six categories and two non-nature images.


Submitted images are reviewed by a committee for adherence to rules. The board appoints a jury of prominent judges to score submitted and reviewed images. The judges do not see any information besides the image. The title, the photographer and all photo identification information are unavailable to the judge during the scoring phase. Once all the judges have finished scoring, the individual scores of the judges are collected and summed. The standard deviation of the independent score of judges is also calculated.


The NVPE exhibit is limited to 350 pictures and the non-nature exhibit is limited to 150 pictures.

The number of images selected to be exhibited in each category is proportional to the number of images originally submitted in that category. For example if 400 images were submitted in Landscape out of a total of 1000 images across all categories then 140 landscape images will be selected to be exhibited. 400 is 40% of 1000, so the exhibit will be comprised of 40% of landscape images. 40% of 350 is 140.

The top images based on the sum total of individual scores are selected to be exhibited. In case of a tie, the standard deviation is used to break the tie. The lower the deviation the higher the rank. So for example, an image which got a score of 9, 9, 9, 9, 9 by 5 judges totaling 45 will be ranked higher than the image which got the score 10, 10, 10, 7, 8 totaling 45.

In case of a tie in standard deviation, both the images are selected to be exhibited.


The top scoring images from each category are selected as the best in that category.

Best in category from all the categories are sent for a second round of scoring by the judges. The same calculation is applied and the the top scoring image is selected as the best in show.


The top 10% of images, that is 35 images are nominated for the Peoples Choice award. The number of images selected from a category for the Peoples Choice award nominee is proportional to the number of images submitted. Using the same example above, 14 images from landscape would be selected to be Peoples Choice award nominees.

All NVPE attendees have the opportunity to vote on the nominated pictures using a ballot on the first day of the exhibition. Winners are announced before the keynote presentation at 4 PM on Saturday.


This information is current as of December 2016. The information may not be accurate in future if the NVPE Board of Directors make changes. Always contact NVPE for the most current information: Nature Visions Photo Expo

updated December 31, 2016