Biography: Matthew Schmidt

Updated January 2018

Matthew is a photography enthusiast with a strong attraction to abstract two-dimensional art. He has spent years developing techniques to express his vision through photography. Some techniques are in-camera, while others are in Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik filters. Matthew is a Systems Engineer providing subject matter expertise in computers and communications.

Matthew spends his free time on a variety of photography-related ventures. As the NVACC webmaster he handles submissions for the Annual Abstract Photography Exhibit. He judges competitions and presents on subjects from software use to visual design.

Matthew's favorite techniques are macro, panning and multiple exposures. He gravitates toward cut glass, flowers, trees, architectural details and motorsports. Regardless, he enjoys good photography in all forms.

August 2016

Matthew is an amateur photographer who spends a good deal of time shooting action sports such as motorsports, lacrosse and soccer, striving to catch that decisive moment that is representative of the sport or event. But beyond that he enjoys shooting macro, flowers and still life. He has attended training courses or workshops with photographers such as Freeman Patterson, Andre Gallant, Art Wolfe, John Isaac, Mary Lindhjem and Mollie Isaacs and Joe Miller. Each has helped him achieve a new level of appreciation for some aspect of photography and taught him a new technique that added to his repertoire.

In 2003 he replaced his aging 35mm SLR with a DSLR and began a long journey toward becoming a better photographer. The digital camera forced him to learn digital darkroom techniques, when his only darkroom experience was black and white contact exposures in a 5th grade science class. But the once foreign techniques have become second nature, and he has evolved beyond JPEG captures to non-destructive techniques that are far more naturally processed. As a Canon camera owner, Matthew found the lack of interpretative, in-camera techniques to be limited, so he has adapted film techniques to Photoshop actions. He runs a blog where he has posted these actions for post processing techniques for montages, multiple exposures and Orton effects.

As a member of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society, Matthew has served on the Board as the Digital Competition Coordinator, Co-VP for Competitions, Equipment Manager, PSA Representative and the Workshops, Education and Training Coordinator.

In real life Matthew is a professional computer weenie and runs his own consulting practice. He is comfortable working on Mac, Windows and various Unix operating systems.

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updated Jabuary 5, 2019