Excellent FREE Software
Used by George Albright
IrfanView   www.irfanview.com⁄
This is the all time classic in free image viewers.  It is lightniong fast, very relaible, and offers a lot of features, such as basic editing and a slide show.
Freesizer   www.snapfiles.com⁄get⁄freesizer.html
This is a FREE picture resizer.  It maintains the aspect ratio.  It is extremely easy to use, and id does not alter your originals.
Snap-a-Shot   www.snapfiles.com⁄get⁄snapashot.html
Here is a GREAT screen capture utility, and it is free.  It is so simple it needs no user manual.  Just the basics, done to perfection. 
FastStone Image Viewer    www.faststone.org⁄FSViewerDetail.htm
Here is what I uses as an image organizer, mainly to delete useless images after a photo trip.  All of the Faststone products are first rate.
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