Club Membership

the best way to improve photography skills is to join a photo club

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, whether you are a beginner or someone with 20 years or more experience, joining a photo club will improve your photoskills.

The club organizes lectures and workshops by the best photographers in the region. During the competitions and critiques you see how others made their pictures and how they could have been improved.

The club sponsors this web site. There are two social gatherings per year at Christmas and at the year's end (May or June). All this for $30 per year (September - June) (or $15 if you join after January 1). Full-time students $15.

Come to one of our meetings as a guest, to see the club and the people, and if you like what you see, and you would like to join, submit your application by mailing it to our treasurer, Dave Mercer (address below).

Once your membership is approved you will need to mail a check for your membership fee to Dave:

Dave Mercer
5906 Merritt Place
Falls Church, VA 22041

You can also contact Dave by email or one of the other officers by going to the Club Officers page

You can get a copy of the Membership Application form in Adobe format. Note that you must have Adobe Reader installed in order to read and print out this application.

Click on the link below if you need obtain Adobe reader, which you will need to be able to read PDF Files. You can download Adobe Reader from the internet. It's free of charge.