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2016 - 2017 Club Year

REMINDER: the location of the June meeting is the Community Room at:

McLean Governmental Center, Community Room B
1437 Balls Hill Road
McLean, VA, 22101

Dear Members,
During the May meeting of the McLean Photography club, elections were held for the elected positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Members voted all in favor of the current officers to serve in the same capacity for the next year: Punit Sinha as President, John Chung as Vice President, Steve Marcom as Secretary and Dave Mercer as Treasurer.

May was supposed to be a competition month, but we could not get a confirmation from the Judge who was scheduled. Instead we participated in a club critique of member's pictures. We had some excellent pictures and constructive comments for the photographers.

We also took the opportunity to discuss few things:

We discussed what the programs in the coming year would look like. We agreed that we will hold three competitions, two meetings on member show and tell, one meeting on Astro Photography, and one meeting on Photoshop skills. For the Photoshop skills meeting participating members would receive in advance a picture to edit. At the meeting they would present their final result along with a list steps to get there. These topics cover seven of the ten meetings over the 2017 - 2018 season. We still need to select topics for the three additional meetings.

The position of the Program Manager is vacant. I am asking for volunteers to step up to fill this position. It will be easy this coming year since we only need speakers for three of our ten meetings. There was a suggestion to have a combined meeting with Reston Photographic Society. I will look into that and see if it can be arranged.

We also discussed how to increase membership and thus participation in meetings and club events. A position for Social Media Manager was created and Mike Valentin volunteered. Mike will be leading the effort to get recognition for the McLean club on social media and to attract new members.

I am also looking to form a committee to discuss strategies on increasing membership. Let me know if you are interested. We will meet once during the summer break and take some decisions.

I have some updates from Nature Visions as well. Image uploading begins on August 14th. Accepted images are announced on October 13th and collection of prints happens between Oct 14th and Oct 28th. There has been a revision in the Nature Visions rule regarding use of textures. Refer to the rules at the Nature Visions website.

The program for June will be announced soon and we may have an end of the year celebration in June as well. I will be providing the details regarding that as soon as I find out a few logistics.

See you all the next meeting,

Punit Sinha
President 2016-17
McLean Photography Club

updated May 18, 2017