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2018 - 2019 Club Year

Dear Members,

Time flies, summer is in the past, winter is upon us and we are planning to host great speakers, as always. It is very satisfying to belong to a club which is as intimate as ours, where we learn how to improve our photographic skills and share our experience with like minded members. However, in order to be more effective at what we do, we need to attract more new members. I appeal to all members, active or inactive, to make an effort and contribute towards this cause.

A club is a shared effort. Lately this burden has fallen on a select few. I encourage each one of you to consider volunteering for the position of Program Coordinator, and Publicity/Hospitality manager. Send me an email if you would like information about volunteering for either of these two positions.

I am happy to report that we will be returning to the McLean Community Center for our regular meetings from Jan 2019. I have signed the contract with them and our space in Maffitt room is reserved for our meetings, like it has been in the past.

We are also exploring avenues to display our club's amazing pictures. Once we have secured a suitable place, I will send out the information. We, who are the club's active members and whose dues are current, will get to display our images for a designated period of time.

In closing, I want to make a request to you all: please let me know the kind of speakers, programs, workshops and competitions you would like to see happening for regular club meetings.

Let's work together to make our club even better club than it already is.

Punit Sinha
President 2018-19
McLean Photography Club

updated November 28, 2018